Film and TV script writer Tom Bidwell is jetting off to America this summer, to work on the US version of a hit drama he has penned for the past couple of years.

Channel 4’s My Mad Fat Diary is an adaptation of a real diary from an obese 16-year-old girl who lives in Australia, and Tom says writing the script helped him overcome some traumatic experiences from his own teenage years.

The news that MTV has commissioned a pilot for an American version of the show is even more exciting, as it coincides with an announcement that the UK series has been nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy Film and Television Award).

FML!!! MTV ruins everything… I just nope… Can’t even deal with this… How will they even stay true to the story?? In America we like to change shit to appease viewers. In America we would never accept someone like Rae who is mental and plus sized. All we would focus on is her weight. Watch them put someone like that girl from ugly Betty as Rae . I would just…
I’m so mad lolol
theblanknotebook facephase
I hope this is all a dream…

Oh hell no! I am American, and I can tell you this is an absolutely awful idea. American television placates to the idea of beauty, so Chop is not going to be Chop, and Rae sure as hell isn’t going to be the Rae we know and love. Not only that but the humor will be destroyed, and the rawness will be left out as well because Americans don’t sit well with truly emotional dramas. 

This makes me so so sad. I haven’t watched American television in years, and I never will again. Britain knows how to do television, so lets just leave the good shows to them, shall we? 

I so agree!! British television is wayyyyy better than American television. I live in the US and I barely watch the tv shows here because it’s all the same bullcrap. I usually watch shows from the UK. They are so much funnier and deeper than shows over here.. I am so upset that they are even trying to make mmfd here… They better announce there is a third series for the UK version, that would soothe my heart…

MTV takes everything and turns it to shit. It’s been like this for a few years now.